Reading With Kids Dailies

Wise mums know that a healthy baby needs the nourishment of communication and language almost as much as food. Watching them recognise spoken words and eventually pronounce them in the right context is magical.
But to be able to read, a child needs to be familiar with letters, characters and numbers, able to sort sounds and objects, recognise rhymes and be sensitive to rhythm. With the daily and weekly fun-filled My Little Paper & Daily5, your kids will find materials that surreptitiously strengthen these skills.Aimed at pre-school children, My Little Paper & Daily5 combines real pictures with illustrations, bringing themes to life through exciting games and activities that help them learn to read. Our mascots, Milly and Finn, will make sure of that!

Connecting letters and words to meaningful sounds is a huge step in learning to read – but it requires daily practice to make perfect. Schools offer plenty of routine reading, advising that parents encourage their child to read at home for at least 15-20 minutes a day. But if you’re at a loss over what they will want to read and enjoy reading, it might be difficult to encourage the habit of reading.
Daily7 brings together a selection of interesting, daily world-wide news aimed at a child in the early years of primary school. Packed with educational infographics, cartoons, jokes and word games, your child will be captivated, as they use our handy tools like the dictionary and maps to learn about the world, with the companionship of our mascots, Rufus and Toby.
Reading nourishes the imagination, shapes our views of the world and strengthens our minds, which is why confident readers as old as ten should still be encouraged to read at least 15-20 minutes a day, at home.
As kids progress in their primary school years, their interest for more sophisticated news grows in proportion. From science and technology, to the animal kingdom or ancient civilisations, Daily10 compiles intriguing, age-appropriate news that leaves our readers effortlessly absorbed in educational infographics, cartoons, jokes and word games. Confidence in reading grows daily, as kids use tools like the dictionary and maps to learn about the world and broaden their vocabulary, under the guidance of our mascots, Rex and Eddie.